Located at Rakholi & Athola, Silvassa (D.N.H) and Jharsuguda (Orissa), APAR is one of the largest producers of Aluminium Conductors in the world.

APAR’s competence is derived from five decades of experience and insight into the product industry, manifested in an ability to presage product developments, evolution of customer needs, insights into technologies, global shift in supply, consumption of customer growth plans, forming a significant body of intellectual capital and a formidable competitive barrier.

Aluminium alloy rod and conductors were developed first in India by Apar through its own R&D initiatives. Factors that enabled Apar to emerge as the lowest – cost producer of aluminium conductors in the world include increase in the installed capacity, strategic location of manufacturing facilities in favorable geographies, tax jurisdictions, backward integration and increased productivity. Apar’s backward integration enables it to make complete range of aluminium conductors by altering chemical properties at the alloying stage and tailoring products to match customer needs. Apar manufactures a full range of POWERLINE brand:

Aluminium Conductors

Aluminium Wire Rods for various applications:

  • EC Grade Aluminium Wire Rods,
  • Aluminium Alloy Wire Rods (6201Alloy Rod in T-4 & M temper- online solutionzed)
  • MechanicalGrade Alloy Wire Bundles (T - 81temper)
  • Aluminium Alloy Rod & Wire – Grade 5000 & 8000 Series Alloys

ACSR / AACSR / ACAR / AAA/ACSR-AW Conductors for Overhead Power Transmission & Distribution:

  • AAC (All Aluminium Conductors),
  • ACSR (Aluminium Conductor SteelReinforced),
  • ACSR/AW (Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Clad SteelReinforced),
  • AACSR (Aluminium Alloy Conductor SteelReinforced),
  • AACSR/AW (Aluminium Alloy Conductor Clad SteelReinforced)
  • AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductors),
  • ACAR (Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced)

Overhead cables Earthing and Digital Communication:

  • Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Cable
  • Aluminium Clad Steel Wires (ACS)
  • GSW Earth Wire, Stay Wire, Guy Wires, Spaces Cables

New generation Alloy conductors for Overhead Power Transmission & Distribution:

High Conductivity Alloy Conductors (AL 59, AL-57, AAAC 1120 etc.)
High Temperature Thermal Resistant Alloy conductors (TACSR, TACSR / AW, STACIR / AW, TACSR / TW etc.)
High Temperature Low Sag conductors (ACSS, ACSS / TW, GTACSR / GZTACSR, ACCC, etc.)

Over the years Apar has strengthened its product mix through a shift from AAC and ACSR to value added alloy based conductors. These high temperature conductors are capable of carrying up to 100 % additional power load compared with the other varieties which can substitute creation of parallel transmission lines in land- starved pockets, saving sizable capital investments.

Being the largest exporter of aluminium conductors from India, Apar has earned superior brand recognition and approval status among customers and utilities in India and other developing economies. It is recognized as a registered export house by the Indian Ministry of Commerce, We are the winner of Star & Best Performer Award for last three consecutive years from EEPC INDIA., We have presence in more than 100 countries including US, European countries, African countries, CIS Countries etc.

Apar enjoys the reputation of being a reliable long-term supplier in a market marked by fluctuating raw material availability and cost spikes. It supplies to all the top turnkey operators in the world and also to all the leading utilities in Asia and Africa.

Admitted as a member of the standardizing committee formed by the Bureau of Indian Standards, Government of India for preparing National Standards ( ISI ) for the transmission & distribution conductors up to 800 KVA and the standardizing committee formed by the Rural Electrification Company Ltd., Government of India. Nominated many a times to represent India as a national delegate in the Technical Committee of IEC in New Delhi and Kyoto.

Conducted independent type tests successfully at internationally approved testing laboratories in NETFA -South Africa, CESI - Italy, EDF - France, ERDA - Vadodara, India, NSIC - Kolkatta, India, CPRI -Bangaluru, India and Tag Corporation - Chennai, India for conductors of 500 kV HVDC & 800 kV AC transmission system and also for distribution conductors of Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Bangkok.

Copper Conductors

Winding conductors for transformers and electrical equipment:

Railway overhead copper conductor:

  • Catenary Wire
  • Contact Wire
  • Jumper Wire – 50, 105 & 160 sq.mm
  • Feeder Wire – 150 sq.mm
  • Span Wire – 130 sq.mm
  • Dropper Wire – 5 & 7mm
  • Briddle Wire – 20 sq.mm

Oxygen Free Copper Rod (OFC rod):

  • Diameter of 12.5, 16 & 20mm – As per ASTM B49
Technical Details

Apar’s Testing Laboratory

APAR’s testing laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment’s and facilities complying international standards, thus, providing accurate and reliable results with global quality.

The Testing Laboratory is specialized in Physical, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical testing on overhead bare Aluminium Conductors and its constituent components including New Generation Conductors (INVAR/GAP/ACSS/ACCC ) , OPGW Cables, greases designed for corrosion protection of bare overhead conductors and many more…..

Apar Specialized Testing and Research Facilities are Equipped with Qualified, Skilled Professionals based on Experience of 6 Decades providing Testing Services to Industry Standards Worldwide.

With the growing demand over the years, Apar emphasized to create advance testing facilities for Power Utilities & component manufacturers continuously upgrading our scope for Reliable, Comprehensive, Prompt and Efficient Testing Services.

  • APAR is the first to create electrical, mechanical and thermo-mechanical test facilities for HTLS conductor testing certified and recognized by ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
  • Apar laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment and facilities complying international standards, thus, providing accurate and reliable results with global quality.
  • The Testing Laboratory is specialized in Physical, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical testing on overhead bare Aluminum Conductors and its constituent components.
  • Computerized Horizontal Tensile Test Bed of 75 Ton capacity for complete conductor test at room temperature & at elevated temperature.
  • Highly sophisticated Laser Sensors for displacement measurement with multi-channel measured-value acquisition systems.
  • Complete In-house facility for dead ends compression fittings and epoxy resin system.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories; specimen grips, extensometers, specimen preparation, cleaning devices, temperature conditioning, temperature recorders, etc.
  • Software supported Axial Impact test equipment for evaluation of dynamic forces during impact on conductor.
  • Highly Sophisticated and advanced Push Rod Dilatometer to perform Thermodilatometric Analysis (TDA).
  • Creep Test Set-up equipped to perform four tests at the same time at different stress, laser sensor extensometers for accurate strain measurement connected with master data logger for continuous storage of temperature and creep readings to insure utmost accuracy.
  • Automated torsional ductility setup to assess the ability of conductor to withstand the torsional forces during installation.

Apar laboratory is equipped and competent to provide test facilities that are tailored to customer’s specific test procedures and evaluation criteria’s.

We use our experience and expertise to help our customer’s on the road to excellence offering “ONE STOP SHOP” for comprehensive test protocols.

Drum/Reel & packing standards

Electrical Conductors are packed, stored and transported on drums. These products are sensitive to damage during handling, storage and installation. Any damage can degrade Product performance to the extent that replacement is necessary.

The packing of the conductor is an integral part of the manufacturing process, and the kind of package must ensure safety and reliability to the highest extent. The drums are designed and constructed in robust way for high sturdiness and to accommodate continuous lengths for high sections.

At APAR INDUSTRIES LTD, Conductors are shipped in sturdy, carefully designed reels / drums that safeguard the conductor from damage in transit, storage, and at the point of installation. The conductor is carefully inspected during all stages of manufacturing. Packaging is inspected prior to shipment, and only properly packaged material is delivered to the carrier.

Based on the requirement of Client or the end use of conductor, Apar offers alternate packaging options with Steel Drums, Wooden Drums and Steel Frame HDPE drums. Standard packages for electrical conductors supplied by Apar are designed to the International Packaging Standards viz. IS 1778, IS 15976, AS/NZS 2857, AS 3983, BS 1559, NBR 11137, NBR 7311, NEMA WC 26, UNE 21045 etc..

Apar Conductor division is considered as an archetype in the field of Power Transmission for the following reason:

  • First Indigenous Conductor Manufacturing Company to introduce online solution Treatment for continuous casting & rolling of Al Mg Si Alloy.
  • First Indigenous Company to successfully Introduce Aluminium Alloy wire to make Armor Rod – Helical fittings , We are the largest producer & exporter of Mechanical Alloy wire from India having more than 70% market share in Domestic market.
  • Apar is the largest producer of AL-59 type special alloy conductor from India.
  • High Temperature Conductor (HTC): First Indigenous Conductor manufacturing Company who developed & successfully supplied Thermal Alloy Conductor in India as well as Abroad. (TAL-AT1 as per IEC 62004) <click here>
  • High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) Conductors: First Indigenous Conductor Manufacturing Company who successfully supplied GAP type Thermal Alloy Conductor.
  • We are the only Indian Conductor Company who got approval from POWERGRID for Invar Type Thermal Conductor (HTLS) in the year 2009-2010 and for GAP Type conductor (HTLS) in the year 2010 – 2011.
  • Apar Industries Ltd. is an authorized manufacturer of ACCC type conductor which is a patented product of CTC Global USA- in India and has supplied this new technology conductor to utilities in India & abroad.
  • Apar Industries has won best exporter award from EEPC, Govt. of India for 9th Consecutive time.